Maricar Reyes Scandal

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Maricar Reyes is a practicing medical doctor, she is also a popular commercial model and a television actress. Her life as a general practitioner is something that Maricar would like to keep private, she says “I’d rather not talk about it much. I consider being a doctor as my day job, and I would like to keep that side of my life separate from my showbiz life. I want to keep a certain level of professionalism in both of my careers in medicine and showbiz.”

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Maricar quickly gained popularity, perhaps faster than most people expected. Star Magic head honcho Johnny Manahan paved the way for her entry into the entertainment business. Although Maricar did not have any real acting experience save for her television commercials, the network executive invited Maricar to join the television station’s stable of stars. Maricar was put  through acting workshops with some of the best creative mentors in the business. She is currently embroiled in a scandal over the release of a series of videos on the internet which feature her having raunchy sex with Dr. Hayden Kho.

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