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Busty Maricar Reyes gets titty-fucked

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Maricar Reyes is one hot Asian TV personality and an intelligent cunt at that. Being a Medical Practitioner in a field where people usually just give off that untouchables aura, Reyes is really just an ordinary belle when it comes to her personal life, away from the cameras. But this is a different kind of camera, one that she controls and she controls what happens behind it too. Before she got married, she’s been practicing her skills in bed on her former lover and it’s hot as fuck.

Hot kinky blowjob and titty-fucking in the morning!

Any man would like to wake up to a hot busty chick like Reyes, who sucks on your morning wood while you’re still half asleep and even titty-fucks the hell out of the unsuspecting meat until she makes it spray jizz. No wonder she gets into such scandals where she would unleash her wild side. She’s got what it takes to get down and dirty even with that medical career reputation she has to protect. Like I said, she’s just an ordinary chick if you need her to be. Show her your big stiff cock and she’ll tend to it ASAP, leaving you satisfied with her personal ‘treatment’.

Maricar Reyes squirts in anal fuck session

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Hot and sexy Maricar Reyes did it again on cam but this time it’s a much more hardcore sex scandal. We just found out that she’s one hell of a squirter and fond of role playing as a slutty maid. Getting caught on act, squirting wherever she pleases, she gets punished by having her wet cunt and tight ass banged rough and deep. Her favorite finale in any sex act, of course, is making her man cum as she licks him off clean and dry.

Wild Maricar Reyes shows off squirting skills while enjoying hardcore anal sex with her hung master!

Maricar Reyes Sextapes

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

maricar reyes hot fuck

Filipina actress/doctor Maricar Reyes is wildly popular on the internet these days. Her popularity is due to a series of sex videos showing her having sex with the controversial Hayden Kho- the same guy in the Katrina Halili sex scandal. Hayden Kho is the cosmetic surgeon who used to be professionally connected to the Belo Medical Group, and personally connected with its famous owner, Dr. Vicki Belo. The sextapes show Maricar and Hayden Kho going at it with wild abandon, and in a variety of locations and sexual positions.

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Maricar has kept mum about the circulating sextapes, neither confirming nor denying anything about them. Although she did admit to having had a relationship with Dr. Hayden, but she claims it was back in the days they were both studying to become doctors: “Yes, we dated for a year when we met in med school. I would say it was serious, like all of my relationships. I was committed to him, we were committed to each other. But it didn’t work out.” Maricar’s career as an entertainer seems unaffected by the scandal resulting from her sex videos, she still gets steady television work. If anything, they boosted her popularity, as well as her notoriety.

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